Friday Farmers Market

After a long summer of teaching, wedding planning, and traveling, I was so excited to get a chance to make it to a market today. I have been taking it easy over the last couple weeks, and that includes a lazy friday of baking, some writing, and a trip to a nearby farmers market. My favorite market is quite a bit smaller than some of the others in the city, but it has a lot of great produce and a stand with organic, pastured meat. They also allow dogs, which is relatively unusual in this area, so I get to bring Newton with me. Always a bonus.

Today’s mini haul:

Closer look at the meat hiding in the back:

Aside from bacon, I have never cooked pork before. I’ve been wanting to try out a slow-cooked roast, so I’m really excited about this one!

The kale should last me a few days. Saut?ed with some?bacon, it easily makes for my favorite breakfast. A relatively small trip this week, but I will probably raid my parents’ garden tomorrow when we go over to visit. Thanks Mom!

Now to look up some pork shoulder recipes!


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