Hi! My name is Ellen and I am a scientist, food enthusiast, and lover of the outdoors. I completed a PhD in environmental science in 2015 and received my NTP certification in 2018, and I spend most of my free time studying nutrition and longevity science.

I live in the Seattle area with my husband, our daughter, and our dog Newton. We recently moved into a home with a large yard and built a big garden. We are thriving in a city with lots of outdoor space, great food, and mountains just a short drive away!

I originally created this blog to chronicle my experiments and adventures as I explored diet and lifestyle through the scope of a paleo/ancestral framework. The health improvements I experienced while following a paleo/ancestral diet in 2011 were pretty incredible, and for about 4 years I was a devoted supporter of the paleo movement. I am not convinced that a paleo way of eating is the only way to be healthy, and my eating habits have evolved throughout the past five years. I have made changes based on my activity levels and stages of life, ranging from primarily plant-based to including some animal foods. We are all individuals and have individual nutritional requirements. Moreover, our nutritional needs evolve throughout life depending on a variety of factors, including activity levels, life stage, and stress. I strongly believe in the power of good nutrition to drastically improve quality of life, no matter what your life stage.


When I became pregnant and after my daughter was born, I became focused on optimizing my own and my baby’s health throughout my pregnancy and her early years. This has informed my personal research and my goals as a nutritional therapist. I work with families on optimizing fertility, prenatal, and postpartum health through nutrition and lifestyle. A large part of this includes removing toxins from our environment to the greatest extent possible. This was the focus of my doctoral research and the importance has carried through to my own life and my work as a nutritional therapist.

I want to provide my family with the healthiest, happiest, and longest life possible and hopefully to share my findings with others who are looking for the same things. So, welcome! I hope you enjoy poking around, and please don’t hesitate to contact me with any ideas, questions, or general musings.

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  • Hello, I also live in the Emerald City area down in south King county. About 1.5 years ago I lost my job and with much time on my hands I realized how unhealthy I had become. I rededicated myself to my health and lost 30 pounds with attention to healthier eating and increased exercise. Some new friends got me involved in an MMA workout fitness program (I do not fight due to blood clot issues) and the strenuous exercise, plus semi regular biking has got me feeling much healthier and better at the age of 64. I am very interested in how exercise affects telomere length and your blog addresses many of the subjects I am interested in!

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